Advent Giving Tree

Advent Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is an annual charity drive to provide Christmas gifts to the less fortunate.  It provides an opportunity for parish members to witness their faith by being the "light of Christ" through caring for those in need at Christmas.  It raises awareness of the range and diversity of needs facing people within our parish as well as the greater Detroit area and provides information to encourage parish members to pray for and support organizations serving those in need throughout the year.  The Giving Tree is displayed in the church a couple weekends before Thanksgiving.  Paper ornaments, with detailed information concerning the gift to be purchased, are hung from the tree.  The parishioners take an ornament from the tree and return a gift to the church with the tag attached.  The commiittee collects, separates, wraps with volunteer assistance, and distributes the gifts to the selected charities.

St. Jane Frances Advent Giving Tree 2017
"They were overjoyed at seeing the star."

Many people in need were "overjoyed' by receiving the generosity of the St. Jane Frances commynity in supporting the Christmas Giving Tree this year!  With your help we were able to provide:

  • Nearly 300 gifts of clothing and toys to 72 children in need within our parish boundaries
  • 140 hats, gloves and packages of socks to St. Alysius Neighborhood Services assisting the homeless and elderly in Detroit
  • 30 - $15 gift cards to Mary's Children Family Center serving persons overcoming brain injuries
  • 50 sweatshirts and nearly 350 handwarmers to St. Leo's for distribution to the homeless in Detroit
  • 80 - $10 gift cards to St. Vincent de Paul Archdiocesan Justice Initiative assisting recently paroled inmates and their families
  • 115 sets of pajamas to Turning Point serving victims and survivors of domestic abuse
  • 95 thermal underwear items to McWARM Warming and Rescue Mission providing a meal and warming center for the homeless in Macomb county.
  • Over $4,200 in cash donations to St. Jane's St. Vincent de Paul Society to support families in need within our parish boundaries in the coming year.

These organizations and our Giving Tree Volunteer Team Thank all of you for being the "light of Christ" to the "least among us" this Christmas and throughout the year!


Debbie Mazur

Christian Service & Adult Formation Coordinator 

(586) 977-8080, ext. 107