DENIS Connection

Delivering Encouragement, Nurturing and Increasing Socialization

Volunteers, in partnership with Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers,  help keep the parishioners connected to the St. Jane Frances de Chantal Community who are homebound or on our prayer list.  The Denis Connection volunteers:

  • · Mail cards to the parishioners on the prayer list
  • · Make telephone “visits” and “friendly visits”
  • · Visit nursing homes at the request of parishioner/family member
  • · Provide a helping hand for our parishioners
  • · Provide transportation for a parishioner to church, medical appointments or errands

You can volunteer for any amount of time you feel you can give to this ministry.  A typical visit would be about 2 times per month with a visit of approximately 30 minutes.  Training guidelines will be provided. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the Parish Office at 586-977-8080 or fill out the form below.

If you are in need of assistance from our volunteers, with the DENIS Connection, please contact the parish office or fill out the form below.

We appreciate all the donations of cards, however, we have an abundance of cards and will not be accepting any more at this time.  Thank you for your generousity!



Debbie Mazur

Christian Service & Adult Formation Coordinator 

(586) 977-8080, ext. 107